Thursday, 17 March 2011

I have reached my destination

I cannot believe I have actually managed to get to the end and compete everything. I have completed all the tasks in my own time and therefore I have looked at this as a personal thing and not related it to work. Some of the things I have really enjoyed and will continue using. One of these being twitter which amazes me because I never seen the point in it before I started to follow someone who has a more interesting life than me! Now I look on a regular basis to see what tweets they have posted. The other thing I will continue to use is my igoogle page. It is my own personal space and I love it. Doodle was a good tool it gave more flexibility than outlook and I may/may not add some more pictures to ficker. I haven't decided yet. On the whole it has been a useful experience and I am now more knowledgeable than at the start of my journey. Thank you for the opportunity to take part.

Meandering to the end

Slowing right down now. Getting behind and then it is hard to get going again. Some of these things I am not sure about and have no time to investigate them further at this time so I just follow the instructions. I chose to add my blog to UK Library Blogs rather than edit a wiki for thing 20. I created a document in Google Docs and shared it but isn't it just as easy to attach a file to an e-mail or am I missing the point somewhere? Anyway that was thing 21 and I took a quick look at slide share. This looked interesting. Lots of different ways to use it.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Nearing the end

Thanks for your comments Emma. It gave me the will to continue but I have still not completed last week's task as I did not know how to. I will try to complete it before the end.

I followed this week's instructions and opened my Flicker account and uploaded a photo for all to see and shared it with the 23 Things group. Also viewed some interesting photos that other members have shared. I did the advanced search and found a photo to download to save to my computer but I got a little lost with getting the photo onto my blog as it didn't save properly on my computer (it is quite old). I will try to do this again on my computer at work. I shared a funny video clip with cats up to all sorts of things from YouTube but it came as a separate post. I didn't know if this was supposed to happen. But hey ho.

Enjoyed doing this week's things. It was fun. When you see a picture here of some bunnies you will know I overcome this week's obstacle!

Funny Cats

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The flow is slowing

Set up a diigo account and got the e-mail as I didn't use my Warwick e-mail. The rest of the instructions did not work for me. I started on my iPad and thought this was why I couldn't see what was on the instructions so I transferred to my computer but still no joy. Are the instructions not written for non technical people like me or am I just the only one struggling? Not just this week have I found the instructions quite difficult to follow. I read about EndNote web and Zotero. Roll on next week and see if this is any better, if not I can see me losing interest and calling it a day!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Week 5 already. I have slowly worked my way through the things that have been set and I have learned lots. It is good to know about and have a go at using these applications even if in the future you don't carry on with them. The thing I like the most is my igoogle page. I look at it almost every day. I have things that are of interest to me and one of those is a countdown to an important milestone in my life! I must admit i am not technically minded and i have not found some of the things easy to get to grips with and the scome instructions were not the idiot's guide i would have liked. I have registered to be added to a day in the library but not done anything about that yet. I set up a meeting on doodle but missed it!! A colleague has told me i could have linked it to outlook and then i would have had a reminder so will repeat the process and see if it works. I really have no idea how all this is going to fit into my work, also I don't know how I will get on with the future things as the seem to be a bit more technical. I will plod on and see how I go. Watch this space.